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Maximize Efficiency. Minimize Shipping Costs

Managing an ecommerce business is a lot of work, and small business owners juggle the responsibilities for a wide range of activities from product development and website management to sales, inventory, shipping, marketing, and customer service. If you are using multiple technologies and software platforms that don’t communicate with each other to manage all these aspects of your business, that puts you at a disadvantage against competitors with integrated inventory management, sales, shipping, and returns management systems.

Trying to manually transfer data from one system to another takes valuable time you don’t have, but building a proprietary software or hiring developers to integrate everything is expensive and not worth the cost for most small businesses. On top of it all, you may struggle to find the best shipping company with competitive rates that allows you to keep pace with big businesses offering customers free or deeply discounted shipping options.

So what can you do to maximize efficiency, minimize shipping costs, and streamline your online sales? Essential Hub (EHUB) is an integrated system that connects all your eCommerce systems and allows you to manage them from a single platform. It has thousands of integrations and, as a shipping API, can connect to multiple shipping carriers, shopping carts, online marketplaces, and software programs that you are already using in your business. You choose the integrations you need to run your business, with the ability to add or remove platforms as your business grows and changes over time. Essential Hub also has special deals on shipping rates with multiple carriers, and we share those discounts with your small business to help you get the most competitive rates.

Learn how EHUB shipping software can help your eCommerce business save money and streamline operations today.

We connect everywhere you do business through our platform and power your
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What our customers say


Muley Freak

Aaron VanWoerkom

“We have wanted to start other businesses but have always been overwhelmed about the thought of getting  shipping and fulfillment dialed in. eHub has taken that worry away and we have been able to branch out and grow.”

Amplify Supply Chain

Ryan Sleater

“Essential Hub allows us to offer better shipping rates directly to our customers. We get to focus on our core business and get more packages out the door every day.”

Vybe Socks

Craig Morris

“We route our Amazon and Shopify store through a single software. It makes fulfilling orders easy and we get the best rates, including international. I’d recommend Essential Hub to anyone because they’re team is super responsive and helpful!”

Flexible, Reliable, and Customizable

EHUB Shipping Software & API Solutions

Shipping Savings

Nobody delivers better rates and a more competitive shipping program

Order aggregation

Connect all of your stores, carts, and marketplaces


Accurate parcel-level reporting features

Rate Shopping

True multi-carrier rate shopping to get the best price on every time

Label Generation

Print lebals for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more

Credit Card Processing

Get better rates and save on credit card fees


Get updates as they happen for your customers

Inventory Updates

Decrement inventory across channels as you ship


Improve customer service with insurance on every shipment

Save time and money

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