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Our AuditHub service performs shipping audits for each of your package shipments and ensures you get the shipping carrier refunds you deserve. If your shipping invoices aren’t being audited, you’re losing money. AuditHub takes the hassle out of shipping audits so you can focus more on your business goals and objectives, and less on shipping and logistics.

See your savings by letting AuditHub audit your carrier bills

  • Sit back and relax! AuditHub shipping audit technology takes all the worry and hassle out of shipping audits for your business.
  • Savings are credited directly to your shipping accounts.

Getting started is quick and easy

  • All we need is your shipping account numbers and login credentials so you can start saving.

  • AuditHub analyzes your carrier shipping accounts and tells you what you could be saving on shipping.

Ship Smarter

  • AuditHub helps you gain insight into how and where you ship.

  • Identify opportunities to save money by shipping smarter.

Get Started Now.

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