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Business Starting Out?

Maybe you’ve been shipping pieces one by one at the post office, or you’re preparing your store to start shipping. Essential Hub has an API for you as well as a shipping software if you’d like. Not only that, but our shipping specialists offer consultations and guidance in crafting the best ways to ship for your business. There are no contracts required to use our API, so if you do find something down the line that you’d rather use, there are no pesky cancellation fees.

Wondering how an API can help? Look at it like it’s a bridge between your store, shipping carriers, shipping software, and more. Our shipping volume is so high that we receive discounts that most businesses can’t get on their own. While others mark up these discounts, EHub passes on as much of the savings as we can.

On average, people save 17% on their shipping costs through Essential Hub. And, if we can’t save you money, we’ll tell you. We only win if you do. Ready to take the next step?

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Reevaluating Your Shipping Solutions?

Maybe you’re looking for more savings, better support, or streamlining your shipping process. Or, maybe you’re sick of being stuck with contracts. Maybe someone referred you to us and you’re curious. Each reason is a valid one, and we’re here to help you find out whether Essential Hub is the right solution for your business.

The good news is that our API is compatible with most shopping carts and shipping platforms. If you’re looking for a new shipping platform we can also help with that. We’re like the Swiss army knife of shipping. We support multi-carrier shipping strategies, with contracts established to pass on savings to you. To top it off, we offer Done-For-You implementation.

We can tell you pretty quickly whether we can save you money (usually in a 15 minute phone call). Our shipping specialists can also run a Cost Savings Analysis on your current shipping data. We’ll tell you where you’re already shipping optimally, but where we can save you money (and possibly even time). So, ready to contact our shipping specialists?

Already Have a System but Looking for Savings?

Let’s say your system and processes are established and you already have software in place to manage your warehouse, ordering, stores, and inventory. Do you need an API that can integrate into your existing systems? The Essential Hub API rate shops for you to support multi-carrier shipping. Not only that, but our support team works with you to implement business rules to streamline your current workflow. This approach not only saves money, but can also provide time savings across an entire workforce (often without taking up much of your team’s time).

As for integrating our API into your system, we’re able to use existing integrations as well as develop new connections as part of our service, often at no additional cost to the customer. The EHub team works with yours to make sure everything works as it should, with ongoing support provided (again, at no additional costs or fees). Ready to talk to our team about shipping discounts for your company?

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