Ecommerce Shipping

Shipping Solutions for Ecommerce Businesses

Ecommerce has provided stores and business owners with a unique opportunity to expand your potential target market nationwide, and even worldwide. It has also highlighted the need for streamlined logistics to fulfill your ecommerce shipping. Getting your products from a warehouse to a customer requires an integrated system to receive orders, package them, connect with the right carriers, and ship the items anywhere from across town to across the country. Of all the available ecommerce shipping companies, EHUB is the premier partner to help consolidate your operations into a single platform to save you time and money.

Meeting Customer Shipping Expectations

Huge online retailers and large corporations have set consumer expectations high when it comes to shipping online orders. Customers expect orders to arrive quickly, and prices to remain low—even free, if possible—which can make it hard for small online businesses to compete without losing money on shipping. If you are trying to negotiate separately with carriers or paying retail prices for shipping, there is a better way that allows you to get the same low rates as retailers with much higher volume. Essential Hub aggregates the orders from all its online retailers to negotiate lower prices with carriers in the U.S. and worldwide, and you can take advantage of those rates when you use the platform.

The EHUB platform also provides your ecommerce business with all the tools you need to allow customers to track packages from warehouse to delivery, and set yourself apart from the competition with insurance on every package.

Aggregate All Your Orders in One Place

With existing integrations to hundreds of online retail platforms and marketplaces, you can instantly connect all of your ecommerce stores with multiple shipping carriers through EHUB. Your orders will flow easily from online carts to shipping carrier websites, providing you and your customers with the best prices on shipping by comparing rates in real-time. Nobody delivers more competitive shipping rates than we do.

If you’re not sure what integrations you need, we can help you figure out the right system based on the ecommerce sites you’re already using. Developers can also take advantage of our platform to add shipping capabilities to an existing ecommerce website through our APIs, and get the same real-time shipping rate comparisons and pre-negotiated prices to keep shipping costs down.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Essential Hub’s ecommerce shipping software can also provide online retailers with detailed information about your sales and operations, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. You can see detailed reports with information on:

   Shipment frequency by carrier
   Total orders sorted by individual online storefronts
   Shipping volume by day
   Shipment tracking
   Returns management
   Shipping revenue, costs, net profit and net loss
   Detailed inventory management


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