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Shipping is one of the most critical aspects of an eCommerce business, but for small business owners, it can also be one of the most challenging. Trying to negotiate shipping rates with major carriers and integrating shipping software with your online store and other marketplaces takes valuable time you probably don’t have. As online shopping volumes continue to grow, consumers demand easy (and free or cheap) shipping options. That can quickly cut into your profits if you have to absorb those shipping costs.

Have you been wondering what is the best shipping software for eCommerce sellers? Essential Hub can provide you with the best rates on shipping with all major carriers to help you remain competitive and get orders where they need to go.

The Essential Hub platform is integrated with multiple shipping software systems, providing customers with the solution that best suits their needs. Whether you’re shipping a handful of packages a day or you need an enterprise-level software, Essential Hub has a solution for you.

Competitive Rates
Whether you ship hundreds of orders a day or just a few orders a week, Essential Hub’s API can connect you to shipping carriers worldwide to get the most competitive rates for all your packages. Choose from multiple carriers and see shipping rate comparisons in real-time to allow you to select the best price. Carriers reserve their best shipping rates for companies with high volumes, which can put small businesses and home-based eCommerce stores at a disadvantage. We aggregate all of our shipping from thousands of other small businesses, giving you the same negotiating power and low rates that large corporations get no matter what your volume is like.
Worldwide Carrier Integrations
The shipping landscape can be confusing, with hundreds of companies serving countries around the world. Traditionally an eCommerce business that wanted to ship in the U.S. or throughout the world had to negotiate individually on pricing—or pay retail price—and manually enter information from your sales software into shipping carrier websites. EHUB has done all the work to create simple and seamless integrations with more than 100 U.S. and worldwide carriers. Easily connect your sales channels and feed information to quickly create and print shipping labels.

We’ve even taken care of all the confusing documentation and paperwork for international shipping so you can grow your business internationally when you’re ready.

Track and Monitor Shipments
Essential Hub makes it easy to track shipments all over the world and provides you with the tools to allow your customers to monitor their orders from the time they leave your warehouse to the moment they arrive on the doorstep.
Reporting Features
Our robust reporting allows you to analyze a variety of shipping metrics so you can improve shipping and make informed business decisions that benefit your operations. You can also gain insight into customer behaviors, sales trends, and inventory through our reporting tools. Essential Hub is the best shipping software for Shopify, and we can help you learn how to ship on Shopify, as well as hundreds of other online retail platforms and marketplaces, to get the best rates.

Learn more about all the features available from Essential Hub and get a demo to see how our shipping API can help your ecommerce business thrive.


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Order Aggregation

Our API connects your shopping carts, webstores, and marketplaces. Access 50+ carrier connections too.

Robust Shipping Solutions

Tracking, rate shopping, label generation, inventory management, and multicarrier connections.

Advanced Reporting

Access the data you need to improve operations. Our API provides advanced reporting to make it possible.


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